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Terial Magic Gallon Size Bottle

From Terial Arts
In Specialty
DESCRIPTION M.A.P. pricing is $59.95. Terial Magic allows you to play with single ply fabric in a whole new way. It replaces stabilizers and fusibles for quilters and embroiderers, keeps fraying in check for scrapbookers and crafters and gives the fabric a firmer hand for holding shapes and folds for all fabric projects. It is quickly becoming a household product suitable for any quilter, sewer, crafter, embroiderer or other DIYer's toolbox! Treat your fabric in 3 simple steps... spray or soak, air dry and iron! Terial Magic lasts, but is water soluble and can be washed out if desired. For more permanence and water resistance use a clear matte acrylic spray finish on finished art.

Uses include:

machine embroidery - use treated fabric instead of fabric layered with fusible or paper stabilizers
electronic cutting machines can cut treated fabric without any fusible stabilizers- fabric doilies, mass production of shapes for teachers or quilters, scrapbooking

-print on treated fabric in inkjet printers
-fabric origami
-fabric scrapbooking and cards
-wall quilts and applique piecing
-fabric crafts
-fabric gift wrap and gift bags
-fiber art and felting

Gallon size bottle with screw cap. Treats 20-24 yards of fabric. Refill your smaller bottles or treat larger quantities of fabric in a sink.